Being Where You Actually Are

by Jahon Mikal

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released June 30, 2015


All seven winter chilled tunes "being as they are" were produced, composed, written and performed by Jahon Mikal for Universe B 1130 (ASCAP)

Additional vocals performed by Cristina Orbè.

Creative mixing, post production and mastering by, Dave Green at Houdini's Tree.

Album art photograph by Lisa Brown

Special thanks to:
Amos Miller
Hua Meng Yu
Lawrence Norman
Cristina Orbè
Maxie Jamal
Dave & Ann Green

All things made possible and all sounds deriving from what has actually always been and will forever be.



all rights reserved


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Jahon Mikal Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Mountains of Steel
All I know in my life is trying
so um… when do we get there?
When will it pan out?
Full wing span out flying
Cause all I know in my life is dying
And I'm seemingly nowhere

When it's over will I be forgotten
What is all for?
Who's keeping track?
how hard I try not to crack
how mad at me would you be for stopping
with no hope of an encore

How many times have I rounded this corner
to a predictable outcome
somebody surprise me
hipnotize me
getting sleepy
so I live life as a loner
population of one

All I've seen has been seen in transit
so what is to be seen in steadiness?
I'm unrecognizable
without all the highs and lows
so I try not to take it for granted
so it seems I've recanted
Track Name: Life in the Cold
Fall again, Overcast
Now I have an Excuse
To be aloof
And return to the abstruse

Hermitage, Introverted
I can compose
in minor keys
my shadow I can seize

Equinox, Shift the clocks
I can redeem
my right to dream
in deeper darker themes

Only so much of the light I can stand
Life in the cold on the other hand
is a life of gold Despite what we are told
by the narrow in sight and slight of hand

You again, I know the end
I let you in
I play to win
then back to the beginning
exhausted from over extending
oh, retreat retreat retreat retreat
and pray not to repeat

Only so much of the world I can span
I dare prefer to be right where I am
I'll go when I'm called by life to expand
my narrowness in sight to wider than
Track Name: Being Where You Actually Are
Take a jog around
a small circle of town
why the frown
seems I got a long way to go

Can I ask where that is exactly,
and what the hurry

Gotta get to there
cause there is better than here
I'm never near
seems I got a long way to go
and when you get there, there you'll be
but here you are

I'm going
I'm gunna
I need to
I wanna
I have to
I oughtta
I gotta gotta gotta
get there
that'll be about square
Anything but being where you actually am

I'll forge it
I'll fake it
until I make it
I taste it
it's mine for the taking
I'll be this
I'll be that
To get where I'll be at
Anything but being where I actually am

Whoa, Easier said than done
Easy to expect it when you're not the one X2

One One One One One One….

Greener grass on the other side
now's a bluer time
seems I got a long way to go
getting there will only bring another here
where they'll be a there waiting for you

So lets blow
this popsicle stand
and trade it for a band
to hop on
been in this phase
for far too long
can't take it
Anything but being where I actually am

swear I'm not enough
thus I must be
bigger, better
faster, and stronger
can't wait any longer
at this point
to give a damn
Anything but being where I actually am

Whoa Easier Said than done
Easy to expect it when you're not the one
Easier done than said
Come down plant you feet and get out of your head
Think how you've come so far
Easy as being where you actually are
Track Name: The Landscape
Stand on the side of the road in transit purgatory
Plenty of time to ponder life as greater allegory
Inching through narrow thoroughfares, same old story
no participation, purely observatory

When swept up under the rug or pulled from under us
By bigger better developments ,and wander lust
of those who seek out the promise land, blunder us
grid lock and underpaid shit talk, no one responds to us

Boy, How the Landscape has changed
Been rearranged
How I, I feel estranged
Nothing that reflects my value remains

Am I the last of my kind, is it all in my mind
Some kind of, some sort of relic from another time
take on the adaptations to survive,
you may just live another day, to enjoy the climb

And they have taken everything that they have come to claim
and rounded up every animal they intend to tame
at those that don't play the game, they aim set to flame
So carefully how its framed, as not to be the blame

Boy, How the Landscape has changed
Been rearranged
How I'm feeling estranged
Nothing t hat reflects my value remains
Boy, I been left in the dark
swimming with shark
shut out, outside the ark
the gap is widening the contrast is stark

Feel I been left behind
left out on the line
how you left me high
behind and out to dry

There's no point in trying to reason with the short sighted
no point in trying to fight it
who will yield when yours is out of luck and out of season
let's just call it even, then we'll call it even

Boy, where the hell went my life
with every sight
like your twisting the knife
Nothing left to do but enjoy the view tonight
Track Name: School of Thought
Now I can understand why you would travel
on the
path most
trampled on
Trust I do see why you'd go with
to fit and
in shared spaces

Oh try yeah I did but who could I kid
Can't be ruled by that grid

No, I don't want to be alone
in my school of thought
wandering round the hallways
on my own

Now I can't understand why you let
so n' so
what you say
what's your take
how you engage

If someone pulls the wool right over you eye
will you try
to decode
the truth
from the lies they told

Sure no one wants to feel
the coldness on their heal
dawdling in the dark
without a clear land mark
without a reference point
dismembered and disjointed
but the road it beccons
beyond what they reckon

I swear it's a skill to role with what's not real
Couldn't swallow that pill

Oh, I don't want to be alone
in my school of thought
wandering round the hallways on my own
Road gets rough eyes squint jaw clench brick stiff face stone cold
yet and still good luck
getting me to ever change my tone
Track Name: Histrionics
No I can't be taken seriously,
No I can't be taken seriously,
No No No No
You know
That I can't be taken seriously,
No I can't be taken seriously,
No No No No

Drama Queen
Can't help but make a scene
But it's this or Apathy
World’s a stage or a cage

Life it can't be taken seriously
No it can’t be taken seriously
No No No No
Life it can't be taken too seriously
No… No no no no….
Track Name: Trouble (Waiting on ya)
You can Buy
You can Sale
You can Trade
You can fade into back ground
keep your head down

You can Front
take a back Seat
keep it neat
keep it trimmed
hold it steady
keep it from spilling over the brim

You can think about
you can journal
be pissed
long as it's over a urinal
you can feel anyway you feel
But get to talking that real shit

You're in Trouble!
You're in Trouble!

nowhere to run
for your ass they will come
before you did it
they knew you'd do it
and they been waiting on ya
(you're in Trouble)
Yeah and they been waiting on ya
on ya on ya...

You can dap
you can shake
you can fake
shit talk
you can bitch stalk
you can strut walk

talk sports
puff newport's
borrow swim shorts
be cohorts
Build forts

You can nestle
your two vessels
if you wrestle
Long as you don't think of it as special

Have the hots
wish a kiss you could steal
But get to copping that feel

You're in trouble
You're in trouble

they never thought
you would do what you had done
you knew the sting
long before they swing
like they been waiting on ya
(your in trouble)
like they been waiting on ya, ya

How often in times past
have I been a lumbering fool
boundaries seemed so vast
only because I didn't know the rules
picking up social cues
at points down right subtle
edit down my point of view
so as to not burst your bubble

You can ride fence
you can drop hints
you can color in the lines
you can stop at all the stops signs
you can go
opposite status quo
if you keep it on the down low
creepin’ slow
You can fasten all the buttons on your shirt
never flirt
go to church
sooner or later you'll
You can do everything that you're suppose to do
but in the end it still finds you